What to see in Macao?
    • Sao Paulo Church. The architecture will certainly remind you of churches you can discover in Europe. The ruins of Saint-Paul are a typical place to discover (it's like the Eiffel Tower and Paris)! Be careful though, there is an amazing crowd of tourists to this place, you will certainly not be the only one to want to discover the Ruins of St Paul's ...

    • The the historic center of Macao. The place is a stroll in the districts of the center of Macao. The facades are well preserved and nicely colored. Baroque colonial architecture can be seen on every street corner. It is a very lively district, to discover during a trip to Macao. Largo do Senado Square is very rich historically and architecturally speaking. The color and architecture of the buildings, typically Portuguese, are interesting to discover. A perfect place to walk the day.
    • The Mandarin House. The renovation work is quite impressive. This traditional family home is worth visiting. The woodwork is interesting to discover, as are the Asian decorations presented in the different rooms.
    • St Dominic Church. The colonial architecture of Portugaise and the colors of this church are remarkable. A pretty yellow facade of the aperitif by far.
    • Coloane. The ideal is to stroll through the cobbled streets of Coloane. It is possible to admire the brightly painted houses. Shipyards and overwater houses can also be discovered on site. A charming neighborhood!
    • Temple The A-Ma (Ma Kok Miu). It is a temple both Buddhist and Taoist. An ideal place to find calm and serenity.

    What to do in Macau

    • Go to a casino. Of course, nothing forces you to play, just to contemplate the architecture of casinos and hotel-hotels, and to enter the spirit to discover the special atmosphere that reigns. You have the opportunity to discover one of the old casinos (Gran Lisboã, Sands Macao, Wynn Macao ...) or go see Cotaï where the excess is presented. The Venetian is probably the most popular casino in Macao. The look is quite kitsch but it is worth the detour: Rococo decor, reconstruction of Venice with its gondolas attract the curiosity of visitors.

    • Taste the local cuisine. It is possible to taste typical Portuguese dishes, and also Macao-Portuguese dishes. Egg tartlets seem very famous. Fish and seafood are also (crabs, shrimps ...). Bamboo sprouts and bean sprouts are often incorporated into the dishes. Portuguese chicken and bacalhau with dried salted cod are also typical Macau dishes.

    • Go by the sea in Macao. The beaches of Macao are famous for not being much appreciated. Lack of maintenance, muddy water and relatively far from everything ... do not go to Macau for the beach. Part can be the sandy beaches of Taipa and Coloane Islands. To swim, the ideal is to use the pools of hotels.
    • Go shopping. Macau is famous for its large shopping centers and numerous downtown shops. Luxury brands are well established.

    • Go bungee jumping. Beware of the fearful! It is possible to make Macau the highest bungee jump in the world. For that, we have to go to the Macao tower (AJ Hackett Macau tower) and decide to jump 233 meters.
    • See a show. The House of Dance is a very famous show around the water. The talent of the acrobats is breathtaking. Both poetic and sporty, this show is impressive.

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