to to save more money when you go TO Venice follow these instructions

    When to book
    There are good plans for Venice all year but they are very difficult to find at the time of the Carnaval and in summer (July-August): tourists flock en masse, the prices are blazing, the dispos are quickly exhausted. .. To enjoy Venice at best, there are however some privileged periods

    In the spring (May-June) or after the summer (September-October), during the week
    This is where you will get the best price-quality ratio, the most pleasant climate for quite decent prices, much more available and much less frequentation (especially during the week). You'll also find great deals from "flights + hotel" for Venice to May / June bridges, for holidays, Valentine's Day ... and private sales or flash sales sites often come to negotiate broken prices for fill the establishments. To book so rather last minute! Our tip: leave-in full week, this is where the rates are the most interesting.

    In winter
    The ideal season (except Carnival) for starting at really low prices (there are A / R at - 50 € and hotel rates are divided by 3 or 4 compared to summer): the climate is, of course, cold and frequent fog but it does not necessarily bother! The the city seems even more romantic and mysterious, while one observes it well wrapped up in its coat and that one can visit it quietly without undergoing the usual affluence. A really good plan!

    Well in advance for Carnival (February-March)
    If you want to see one of the most famous carnivals in the world, you have to prepare your shot: the problem is mainly due to the availability that is dwindling very quickly throughout the city and on flights! The last places are paid at gold prices and we rarely find last minute specials for this period (destocking is rare!). Feel free to book in the summer to go in February-March, the advantage is that we know the dates well in advance: we can go to the carnival at low-cost prices provided you are planning!

    Avoid July-August:

     there are really too many people and the rates can be multiplied by 4 or 5! It's a hassle for everything: take a Vaporetto, visit a museum, eat on the terrace, cross a bridge, go shopping ... Also, it's hot and humid, walk the city quickly turns into an obstacle course ... All this by paying full price: not our cup of tea!
    Note: May 1st is also not an ideal date. Not only, the city is full but many museums are also closed, the vaporetti circulate little or not at all ...

    How to move to Venice
    Traveling by Vaporetto
    Forget the gondola rides at a disproportionate price but prefers the walk and the Vaporetto to explore Venice. Depending on the length of your stay, calculate the best option for your trips by Vaporetto: purchase of a ticket per unit, or subscription two, three days. See my article on the Vaporetto. By Vaporetto, we visit all areas of Venice, we go up the Grand Canal but especially we can go to the islands of the lagoon: Murano, Burano, Torcello, Lido, Giudecca ...
    Another option is the crossing of the Grand Canal Traghetto: it is not as romantic as the gondola but more economical! For only € 2 per person, you cross a boat standing with the Venetians. Cheap and so atypical!

    Visit Venice inexpensively

    Stroll through Venice on foot
    The beauty of Venice is often admired for free. On foot and by Vaporetto, you can stroll through Venice and admire its architecture, its pleasures, its churches but also the true Venetian life, with the animation of its alleys or its market.
    Stroll on the Piazza San Marco, you can admire the magnificent monuments that border and then visit one by one the different neighborhoods: see my guide to discover the neighborhoods of Venice.
    To save money by visiting the monument?

    Visit the free monuments
    Some monuments are available for free, such as St. Mark's Basilica, Santa Maria della Salute Basilica, Santa Maria e San Donato in Murano or San Francesco Del Deserto Church.

    Use the discount passes
    If you want to visit several churches, a good option is to subscribe to the Chorus Pass for 12 € which gives access to many paying churches. The association Chorus aims to protect and enhance twenty or so churches in Venice. The annual card of the association is 12 € per person or 24 € for the family card (2 adults and children under 18 years), which is worth it if you plan to visit several.

    t includes the Doge's Palace, the Museo Correr, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale and the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana.
    Visit the museums on the first Sunday of the month, it's free
    Every first Sunday of every month, state museums are free: the Accademia Gallery, the Giorgio Franchetti Gallery, the Ca 'd'Oro Palace, the Archaeological Museum, the Arsenal ...

    Where to eat in Venice?
    When it comes to eating, once again, Venice did things in a big way. For the kitchen, there is something for every taste and every budget. If you do not want to bother looking for a nice little restaurant, the city organizes "gourmet getaways". During these escapades, you can taste many Italian traditions while having a drink. The "all-inclusive" side coupled with the visit of several places attracts thousands of visitors every year.
    If you prefer to look for yourself, you will find many small restaurants in the district of Rio de San Salvador. A nice little neighborhood on the edge of the Grand Canal where you can eat on the terrace small dishes purely Italian. Throughout the city, you can easily find small signs to eat on the run. Be careful, do not compare them with all the chains of pasta and French restorations, this one is to fall. Indeed, as Venice is very touristy, it is not necessarily the big signs with the glittering window that provide the best services. By venturing into the alleys, you will sometimes make beautiful finds that will surely cost you less than some "tourist trap" that is not up to their reputation.

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