With historical origins and buildings at every turn, Moscow is a city with a bustling city culture enough for even the most experienced trippers to get lost in. Well renowned as one of the most influential cultural centers, commercial, political and artistic life in Europe...

    The Red Square,

    Along the eastern side of the Kremlin Wall is the vast cobblestoned expanse of the Red Square. However, it’s been the scene of countless displays of military might, parades and protests since the 15th century, it’s traditionally been a place of trade and social gatherings, actually, thousands flock to the square to celebrate main state events, be photographed in front of famous monuments or simply soak up its historic splendor.

    Kremlin Walls and Towers

    The Kremlin is associated with political power. The Kremlin along with Red Square and Alexander garden are three important places that one have to see in Moscow. As for attractions, their one can see churches, cathedrals, palaces and other great landmarks and artifacts such as the Ivan the Great Bell Tower.

    St. Basil’s Cathedral

    Situated in Red Square is one of Russia’s most iconic buildings, with its  multi-colored onion-shaped domes. The cathedral was authorized by Ivan the Terrible in 1552 to mark the capture of Kazan from the Mongol forces. According to legend, Ivan was so mad by architect Postnik Yakovlev’s design that he had him blinded so that he would never be able to design anything as fantastical again! If the cathedral is open, it’s possible to visit the interior. However the mazelike interconnected chapels are surprisingly small, they’re richly decorated and well worth an explore.

    Bolshoi Theatre

    Is a symbol of Russia for all time. It was gifted this honor due to the major contribution to the history of the Russian performing arts. This history is on-going and today Bolshoi Theatre artists continue to  participate to it many bright pages.

    Triumfalnaya Square

    Triumfalnaya Square is a famous square in the Tverskoy area  of the Central Administrative Okrug of Moscow. It is existing  in the Garden Ring between the Big Garden road, 1st Brest road, and 2nd Brest road, 1st Tverskaya Yamskaya road, Armory alley, Building Arc and Tverskaya road.

    Pushkin Museum

    The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts houses some of the world's most worthy artworks dating from antiquity to the early 20th century. It's European collection of paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, decorative and applied art from the 16th century onwards are particularly impressive as well as its extensive collection of French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. The museum has a medium-sized collection of artifacts from old  Egypt and thousands of objects from antiquities. The Museum of Sculpture shaping has over 750 copies of famous works of sculpture from the Hellenistic era to the Renaissance.

    The Moscow Metro

    Apart from being one of the largest and oldest underground railway systems in the world, and a fantastic, cheap way to get a tour around Moscow, the metro is a tourist attraction in its own right, due to its spectacularly decorated underground stations, designed by the most skilled architects of the Soviet Union.

    The stations have been described as underground art museums, home to wonderful sculpture and murals and striking architectural elements. From
    Stained glass panels to mosaic marble floors.
    Mayakovskaya, Elektrozavodskaya, Prospekt Mira, Arbatskaya, Kievskaya and Novoslobodskaya stations are among the most Amazing.

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