Lake Barracuda: diving in clear and warm water

    From the first step, we forget this mess and are under the spell. Behind the vertical walls of the island, a real fortress, are hidden many lakes mixing fresh and salt water. Some are very deep and have the distinction of having layers of water of different temperature. And for once it's basically the hottest. Divers met at Lake Barracuda will confirm this feeling which seems rather strange. This phenomenon is due to layers of salt water and soft that do not mix.

    A lunch break on the micro island Dinanglet

    For lunch, it's the traditional beach stage! The one that Calamianes expeditions and ecotours find us is superb (Dinanglet island I think), it has a breathtaking view of an incredible mineral line of the cliffs of Coron. A tree catches my eye, it seems leafless, but yet has orange flowers that contrast with a pale white trunk. There are very few people on this micro island and we have time to appreciate the languor that emanates from it.

    While walking a little, Hélio and I meet the family who runs the small grocery store on the island. Helio succeeds as always to be offered some snacks. An envious lizard passes by. The beach offers breathtaking views of the cliffs of Coron. From here they have the relief of an ice cream Italian. Their curves are more rounded than those of the Bacuit archipelago. Seb goes around and falls on a small cove with a mangrove swamp.

    The visit of Twin Lagoons

    The visit of Twin Lagoons is ruined by the number of tourists too important, so the beginning or the end of the day is to be preferred. Otherwise, they are incredible lagoons by the transparency of the water, the structure of the rocks that surround them, but also the small passage to reach a lagoon to another.
    Back on the stroke of 17h, we must reserve the boat to go to El Nido the next day.

    Snorkeling at Coral Garden, Siete Pecados and Skeleton Reef,

     with beautiful blue and purple corals, many species of fish. All this in warm, clear water, like at the pool. Be careful however sea urchins, very numerous in a sometimes shallow area.
    For more experienced divers, this site offers a depth of 40 meters totally surrounded by a protected reef life. Best of all, visibility can reach a maximum of 80 feet, providing the clearest diving experience you've ever had. You will need your Advanced Open Water certification to come here, but fortunately, there are many dive shops in Coron to help you solve this problem.

    Coral Garden is home to rich biodiversity. Expect to see hundreds of colorful anemones, clownfish, and brightly colored reef fish.

    If you have not completed your Advanced Open Water course, bring a snorkel and you'll get great views of the surface.

    Hiking at Mt. Tapyas

    You will see the mountain. Tapyas while you are in Coron Bay and you may wonder what is happening up there. You can tell if you are ready to climb a staircase that stretches 210 meters in the clouds.
    As you climb, you will spend a lot of time smiling. At the top of Mt. Tapya is a huge Christian cross that someone really decided to wear on the mountain!
    The final the view gives you an unprecedented glimpse of Coron Bay and the layout of the islands that surround it. Totally worth the hike, just bring some water!

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